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Growth of 9 % in 12 months



When we set foot at VendArt for the first time, we really needed marketing help and we had to secure new customers who had just been acquired. We only have a chance to make a good first impression with the big grocery chains. 


The VendArt team therefore analyzed our company from top to bottom for free to see where our gaps were. 


They then proposed to us an extraordinary marketing strategy in which we embarked with great pleasure: online advertisements with a superhero #trulyfromhere.


The entire VendArt team then went out of their way to enhance our online presence and ensure that we were active with our community.


We can say that they have done a noteworthy job, because in addition to solidifying our current customers, they have been able to engage our consumers and attract a younger clientele. The table was set to extend our distribution in other banners. One year later: our sales have increased by 9%!


We sincerely thank VendArt for its help and recommend them to everyone!


Thank you, 


Amelie Limoges, from Pied-Mont Dora's management team


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Our model

How we execute our Art?



We start by finding the right audience, so the right people for your products and services. Then we redirect them to media such as a website or a social media page.


If a visitor does not convert into a customer, you lose income and they, in turn, lose the opportunity to have a good experience with your brand. VendArt takes care of setting up the necessary conversion tools and then making contact with potential customers in order to work on closing the sale.


The foundation of sales success is to follow up with potential customers. A potential customer must interact between 7 and 10 with a brand to consider a purchase. So, we need to put in place the right monitoring tactics to turn your investments into great financial returns.

Once the customer is acquired, we need to get them to come back to buy more often. At this stage, we deploy tactics that make this customer say "yes" again.

Some of our projects






Xavier Cannamela,


Cannamela Group

I would like to recommend the company VendArt-FoodArt. Indeed, it has been several months now that I do business with this company in the mandate of sales department. Since November, Francis Breault and his team have taken on the mission of prospecting, managing clients, tasting and marketing of my company. From the third month, I was able to measure the numbers that prove their performance and professionalism. VendArt-FoodArt is a reliable company and commitment, which allows me to know that I renew our contracts without time limit. It is with certainty that I recommend this company. Madam, Sir, please believe in my most sincere recommendations.

Ben Benzakour, 

Sales and Marketing

Bellucci Distributions

To whom it may concern,


For your information, we use the services of VendArt Agency for about 1 year for in-store demonstrations.



We and our customers are completely satisfied with the service.



We will not hesitate to recommend them.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Stéphanie Léger, 

Account manager, Eastern Canada, Fromagerie L'Ancêtre

FoodArt offers us a very good service and keeps track of all our tasting events with them. In addition, they ensure the marketing and availability of our products at all our events. The members of the team are very dynamic and make sure to push the sales to the maximum. We are very satisfied with our experience with them.

Collègues travaillant ensemble

Yes! I want a sale and marketing team! 

How it works?

It's very simple: we will analyze with you your company, your competition, your target market, your sales processes, your advertising budgets and your objectives. Then, based on what we have obtained as information, we will mount a development strategy adapted to your company, and this, free of charge. 

Why are we doing this for you? In fact, we want to know if our business model is right for you. And to ensure compatibility, we need to do a study and establish a strategy. To thank you for your interest, we will give you the strategy even if our model is not compatible with yours.

You have no commitment to use our services after, or even after receiving our analysis and strategy.



Why choose


At VendArt, we understand that only the most innovative and present companies "in the face" of people survive and grow. We will therefore do everything in our power to help you become leaders in your niche. That’s why we’re not just talking about advertising. It doesn't matter how many people visit your website if none of them actually make you money.

We don't want you to throw your money out the window, so at VendArt, we take the time to really understand your business and your customers before we advise you anything.


We are so convinced of our talent that we are ready to invest our time for free in your business.

Now, are you as convinced by our offer as we are? If yes, qualify now.




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