Become a brand ambassador.


Be paid to represent products from here on Instagram, FACEBOOK and in  points of sale.


A new way to sell
There is a lot of potential in our country and there are incredible products. The challenge is to make these products known to a large number of people in a short period of time. This is why VendArt created FoodArt. FoodArt offers a base premium for each grocery store sales campaign and offers sales volume commissions. This means that you have no ceiling on your income and you manage your time at your convenience. FoodArt also offers you a complete training program for sale.

FoodArt, direct sales team


Be rewarded for your excellent FoodArtist service. Our mystery shoppers will pass from time to time to judge your exemplary customer service. The more you have a good rating, the more the amount of gift cards increases! Get a perfect score and be even more spoiled


Make money at every presentation AND make commissions on your sales. Your trips are also paid after a certain number of kilometers. In addition, refer us your friends and get a quote on their hours worked. 


You can start at the time that suits you between 11 am and 1 pm You only have to do your shift five hours later. So you can get up late, and also go to your dinners / parties with your friends.


FoodArt provides you with free continuing education to develop your full potential. There is also a possibility of advancement in VendArt when positions are open.

Parce que vous voulez éduquer vos employées avec les meilleurs méthode. Nous avons rendu ceci très acesible...


Who can be a FoodArtist?

FoodArt, a stimulating job

We created FoodArt for people who have entrepreneurial flair, enjoy customer service and enjoy teamwork. FoodArt offers you a fixed income per presentation, in addition to commissions on your sales.
Good sales!

Only the best will be FoodArtists. Training included. 

FoodArt includes: free VendArt Academy training that will allow you to take your eligibility tests. In addition, you receive ongoing coaching from our sales training team. 
Your success begins here


Top Sales performer
In order to provide a rigorous service to our clients, we require our team to complete exams. We provide you with high level training on sales, marketing and life skills to help you meet the admission criteria and also to make a maximum of sales, therefore commissions.

A FoodArtist, the high end of sellers

Your role is to influence consumers to buy the products you represent. You directly contribute to the growth of local businesses.

The benefits

of FoodArt

You are autonomous in controlling your hours, as long as your five hours are done per day. You represent the FoodArt brand in all the points of sale where you make a presentation. You are our eyes and our heart. We trust you fully.

Additional income

Do you know people who would be good FoodArtists? We have recruitment bonuses for your references who become FoodArtists too.

Develop your potential

We provide you with continuous training so that you evolve within FoodArt and especially that you become a better person.

Your work

How to become a FoodArtist?
Have an interview

The first step is to talk with a FoodArt recruiting officer. The role of the recruiter is to determine if you are a good candidate for FoodArt. If so, we invite you to come and see live (at a point of sale) what is the work of a FoodArtist and, at the same time, to pass an interview in person. If you stand out, you can move on to the next step..

Do the exams

We will provide you with content to study to ensure you have the knowledge to work with FoodArt. You must study this content and then pass tests to confirm that you have mastered the art of selling and being a FoodArtist.

Be a FoodArtist

Once the exams are successful, you will be able to take the next step!

Become FoodArtist


Make sure you have a valid driver's license and access to a car for travel.