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FoodArt, your sales expert


FoodArt incorporates business development know-how for small and medium-sized businesses. FoodArt deals with merchandising, representation and sampling directly in grocery stores. We handle order management and grocery store relationships to ensure a positive and successful experience.



We offer you seasoned sales expertise. The beauty is that our FoodArt program allows you to benefit from our expertise by spreading the budget with the other clients we represent. We represent up to three complementary products at a time.


The goal is to make discover your product and, especially, to return it in the cycle of consumption of the buyers. We make your products taste with complementary products, so buyers are positively influenced.

We take care of introducing your products in points of sale and bailing your product at the point of sale with our team of FoodArtists in order to boost the sales of your brand.

Parce que vous voulez éduquer vos employées avec les meilleurs méthode. Nous avons rendu ceci très acesible...

What is said about FoodArt

Joane Archambault,

Manager of Deli department

Metro Thibeault Saint-Jérôme, QC

To whom it may concern,

This is to inform you that the FoodArt team are excellent food samplers.

I have used their service many times and would do it again.

Thank you.

Patrick Fortin,

Owner of 5 Saveurs
Saint-Jérôme, QC





This is to confirm our satisfaction with the samplings organized by the company FoodArt at our store.


Professionalism and sales results lived up to our expectations.


For any information, you can contact me.


Thank you,


Manager of Deli departement

Metro Saint-Eustache (Saint-Laurent), QC

I would like to express my appreciation for the sampling service offered to me by FoodArt. Their professionalism and dynamism have brought great sales and an excellent customer experience. I recommend all grocery stores to do business with them and I would do it again.

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Do not let just anyone represent you…


We are sales persons disguised as food samplers and not the other way around. There are sampling services that only focus on being present and they are not oriented towards sales nor your growth. Our service is 100% turnkey; you tell us your story and we compose the sales pitch for you. We take care of selling to consumers directly in the points of sale. We develop sales and marketing strategies with you to promote your product and increase your sales.

The customer conversion process
Market Penetration
Consumers discover your product
Representation and merchandising
Your success starts here

Xavier Cannamela,


Cannamela Group

I would like to recommend the company VendArt-FoodArt. It has been several months now that we have been doing business with this company and their sales department. Since November, Francis Breault and his team have taken on the mission of prospecting, managing clients, sampling and marketing of my company. After the third month, I was able to conclude, based off the sales, that they were efficient and professional. VendArt-FoodArt is a fully commited and reliable company which I know I will renew my contract with. I recommend this company with complete confidence. Madam, Sir, please believe me that my recommendation is most sincere.

Ben Benzakour, 

Sales and Marketing

Bellucci Distributions

To whom it may concern,


We have been using VendArt Agency in-store sampling services for about 1 year.



Our company as well as our customers are completely satisfied with the service.



We will not hesitate to recommend them.


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Stéphanie Léger, 

Account manager, Eastern Canada, Fromagerie L'Ancêtre

FoodArt offers us a very good service and keeps track of all our sampling events. In addition, they take care of marketing and availability of our products at all our events. The members of the team are very dynamic and make sure to push the sales to the maximum. We are very satisfied with our experience with them.

To grow your business, it takes help. It's time to grow!

The members of our sales team are called FoodArtists, who are ready to sell your products in your points of sale. We are sellers disguised as food samplers. Our FoodArtists are trained on all the products belonging to our customers, but especially on sales techniques. After the customers have their store experience with your products, our FoodArtists encourage consumers to continue engaging with your brand and FoodArt's brand online.


Our story
FoodArt was created after a food producer contacted us for a market penetration to increase his sales in stores. After we acquired a new point of sale, we realized that sampling was necessary to increase sale, but most importantly, that the food sampler behind the counter was a real saleperson who could close the deals. We then hired a video and photography production team to maximize his visibility on the web.

A complete system to increase your sales

We structure your sales operations and increase your sales by planning your growth strategies with you.

Happy selling!


of FoodArt
Promotion of your products

To promote a new product and then build customer loyalty into a recurring purchase cycle, we need to put in place strategies that make consumers loyal to your brand directly in-store and on social media.

Share the investment

Our FoodArt program is the only one of its kind to offer cross-selling strategies and to unite up to  three brands at a time. This allows you to make an impact by sharing the investment.

More sales without management

We take care of all the management. All our FoodArtists have graduated from VendArt Academy and are obliged to continue training every month.


increase your sales?


Who can work with us?
Brands that want to grow

You must have the proper production infrastructure to grow, have a budget for promoting your products and not be afraid to invest for your growth.

Grocery stores wanting more sales

We help grocery stores make more sales. We are developing strategic partnerships directly with grocery stores for internal promotion campaigns.

New products

For new brands, the most important variable is the increase in sales. We need to quickly assess customer loyalty and the sales cycle to identify your development goals.


Quebec office:

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Saint-Jerome (Quebec)  Canada

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New-Brunswick office:

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