Marketing Alimentaire


Since 2012, Gourmaïs had been exploding with popcorn innovation. Based on quality authentic products and made from healthy ingredients, Gourmaïs had no equal in this field of mass distribution.


Just a few years later, a new player arrived on the popcorn market and lowered Gourmaïs' market share.


In 2018, Gourmaïs met VendArt and entrusted the agency with the mission to regain lost market shares and to increase brand awareness.


VendArt began by conducting a feasibility study, asking or the opinions of many consumers and buyers of large influential distributors. With the cumulative data, VendArt discovered the major element that negatively affected the brand: the brand’s positioning did not represent the quality of the product offered by Gourmaïs. VendArt therefore focused on the marketing deployment that involved the creation of a new identity that now demonstrates the products’ true quality.

Gourmaïs saw their sales quadruple in just 3 months.


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