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Campagne Super Dora

VendArt produced three 15-second commercials for social media. With more than 100,000 views during the first week of launch and now close to 1 million views, the campaign had a strong impact on sales and greatly enhanced relationships with large retail banners. It is this campaign that started the movement #reellementdici (#TrulyFromHere).

The campaign also garnered media coverage. It has been recognized as one of the most popular web ads.


We even had as a comment that the advertisement was comparable to a Doritos ad.

Growth of 9 % in 12 months



When we set foot at VendArt for the first time, we really needed marketing help and we had to secure new customers who had just been acquired. We only have a chance to make a good first impression with the big grocery chains. 


The VendArt team therefore analyzed our company from top to bottom for free to see where our gaps were. 


They then proposed to us an extraordinary marketing strategy in which we embarked with great pleasure: online advertisements with a superhero #trulyfromhere.


The entire VendArt team then went out of their way to enhance our online presence and ensure that we were active with our community.


We can say that they have done a noteworthy job, because in addition to solidifying our current customers, they have been able to engage our consumers and attract a younger clientele. The table was set to extend our distribution in other banners. One year later: our sales have increased by 9%!


We sincerely thank VendArt for its help and recommend them to everyone!


Thank you, 


Amelie Limoges, from Pied-Mont Dora's management team


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VendArt's marketing artists strategize, elaborate messages and manage Pied-Mont Dora's social media channels. In line with the marketing artists, VendArt's design, photography and video artists create culinary content to feed these social media channels.


As Pied-Mont Dora was founded on family values, the ad concept was to demonstrate the love we share with our close ones. What is most important is the time we spend with the people who matter to us. It is only fitting that Pied-Mont Dora continues to bring back precious family moments.


As part of the 90th Montreal Food Industry Golf Tournament in June 2019, Pied-Mont Dora entrusted the organization and setting up of the outdoor booth to VendArt. Super Dora was present onsite to be a reminder in encouraging the purchase of products Truly From Here. As participants visited the Pied-Mont Dora booth, FoodArtists and culinary chefs prepared grilled cheeses with Dora jam.


Once at the booth, fans could watch the Super Dora ads. The results from this event have been impressive and have already paid off. Major banners have increased their shelf spaces for Pied-Mont Dora products and many other opportunities arise from this VendArt contribution.. 


Following the new brand concept created by VendArt, VendArt's design artists have created a new website featuring recipe ideas and products. The goal was to reflect a young and dynamic image of the brand, while demonstrating its know-how for 75 years.



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