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Chocmod is a family business founded in 1948 in Tourcoing, France, under the name Chocolaterie et Confiserie Moderne. Chocmod is the world leader in the manufacture of truffle products and has four plants worldwide serving more than 45 countries. It is the manufacturer of private label truffle products from most retailers.


In 2018, Chocmod innovates with chocolate chips, a hard shell snack with, in the center, truffle and quinoa soufflé.


The goal was to position this new Chocmod product as premium, while being accessible. Now, the mission is to bet on a positioning that depicts the French know-how, while orienting communications towards pleasure and accessibility.


The strategic alliance between Chocmod and VendArt has allowed Chocmod to shine its new product and make significant sales volume. The partnership continues to grow day by day.


Today, the sales of their products are more than $ 2 million.


Quebec office:

293, St-Georges Street
Saint-Jerome (Quebec)  Canada

J7Z 5A2

514 907-2557

New-Brunswick office:

150, Edmonton Avenue - Suite 5

Moncton (New-Brunswick) Canada

E1C 3B9

1 888 619-3604

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